Welcome to the course Social Policy in a National and International Perspective I, 7,5cr!

Period for course registration in Ladok: 25 October – 7 November

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Course information
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SAG031 15170

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45-49 Fulltime daytime


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Brita Backlund Rambaree

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This course is offered in English and it runs over five weeks. The course is the second course on the Bachelor Programme in Social Work, Specialization International Social Work. The teaching and learning takes place through a mix of lectures, seminars, group work and self-study.

The course begins Monday 7th November 09.30 - 12.00 with course introduction and a lecture.
Schedule for the course will be available on Kronox and on the learning platform Canvas. On Canvas you will also find a Study Guide with information about the course.

The learning platform that we will use is Canvas.

The course is given by the Faculty of health and occupational studies

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