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Introduction Day for all our international students Autumn 2023

About the programme

Programme introduction and registration

Programme introduction and registration

Registration and an introductory session to your programme is held on Monday, 30 August, via Zoom. The introduction is combined with the registration of the Master Programme in Geospatial Information Science and the first lecture of the course Introduction to Studies on Advanced Level in Geospatial Information Science.

More information and details will be e-mailed before the start of the semester and the course.

Programme information

Programme information from your programme director

The Master in Geomatic programme is a one-year (60 cr.) on-campus programme given in English. The geomatics programme consists of one thesis project and nine taught courses: three at basic level and six at advanced level.

The three courses given at basic level have two purposes. Subjects given at basic level offers the opportunity for students who have insufficient knowledge in the other sub-disciplines of Geospatial information science to continue at advanced level to broaden their knowledge in the subject’s disciplines. The six remaining courses at advanced level mainly deal with advanced spatial analysis and research preparation for the thesis project that ends the studies.

Programme timetable

Programme timetable

  • The timetable for the first period will be published in August.
In preparation for your first courses

In preparation for your first courses

Below you will find welcome letters for the first course(s) that you will take as part of your programme. You will find information about course registration, links to the course syllabus and reading list, timetable and more in your course welcome letter. Welcome letters for courses are published at the latest four weeks before the course start date.

Ask a Student at the University of Gävle

Ask a Student

  • There are a lot of things that students know more about than teachers and administrative staff - how it feels to be a student at the University of Gävle for example. Therefore, as part of the introduction, we have recruited a student who can offer you guidance and support.
  • Student XXX can answer your questions about what it is like to be an student in Sweden and at the University of Gävle. XXX is available for questions weekdays until 9 September.

  • E-mail: studguide.joakim@hig.se
Information from the Student Union

Information from the Gefle Student Union

If you are a new student who has just arrived to Gävle, you are not alone. Finding meeting places and new friends is often where the fun begins. The Gefle Student Union work in conjunction with student organisations to improve courses, student social environments and many of the entertaining aspects available to you during your study period. To become involved in the Gefle Student Union is therefore a great opportunity to take part in and be able to influence student life and at the same time get to know students studying other subjects.

Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to the Gefle Student Union and make sure to follow their social media accounts.

Hey new student - information from Gefle Student Union Pdf, 6 MB.


If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the programme director, Nancy Joy Lim.

E-mail: NancyJoy.Lim@hig.se
Phone: +46 26 64 85 18

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