David Hallman, profilbild

David Hallman

Lecture, P.h.D in Medicine, associate professor in Occupational health science

Research subject: Occupational Health Sciences



About the researcher

David Hallman is an associate professor at the department of occupational health sciences and psychology. He conducts research on physical activity and occupational health, including outcomes such as sick leave, musculoskeletal pain, and cardiovascular function. The goal is to identify healthy patterns of physical activity at work and outside work - to promote recovery, health and the ability to work across different occupational groups. David also conducts research about flexible work, implementation of activity based offices, and psychosocial and physical risk factors for musculoskeletal pain in eldercare workers.

Degree of Master of social science. Main field of study: Psychology

Current Research

  • The role of psychosocial working conditions for physical work load, pain and sick leave in eldercare workers, PI
    (project funded by AFA ensurance)·
  • Flexible work: opportunities and challenges, program coordinator
    (Research program funded by Forte)
  • Classification of neck-shoulder pain in workers, PI
    (Project funded by Forte Centre – the body at work – from problem to potential)
  • Implementation of activity based offices, PI
    (project funded by The Swedish transport administration)
  • Public Health
  • Work Physiology
  • Stress and Health

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