Stefan Sjöberg, profilbild

Stefan Sjöberg

Associate Professor in Social Work, Senior Lecturer (PhD) in Sociology

Research subject: Social Work


About the researcher

Stefan Sjöberg is Research director of the research program Urban Commons within SFO-Sustainable Cities

Current research

  • FAIRTRANS – transformations to a fair and fossil free future ( External link.)
  • Future-Proof Cities – urban sustainability
  • Stadsdelslyftet (The district lift) Andersberg
  • Community climate commons
  • Community work for socially sustainable development in marginalized neighborhoods
  • The transformation of the Swedish welfare model
  • Collective capital building for economic democracy
  • Social exclusion and community work in marginalized neighbourhoods
  • Urban commons for socially sustainable development
  • Social services´ outreach and preventive social work
  • Social policy and the transformation of the Swedish welfare model
  • Concentration of capital and wealth and economic democracy for sustainable development
  • Ecosocial work and community climate commons

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