Current Research

Martin Salzmann-Erikson is developing and actively researching within the research program "Digital Shapeshifting". This program is one of three programs within the strategic research area of Health-Promoting Work.

Digital Shapeshifting aims to address the following societal challenges:

  • Reducing digital exclusion when digital technology is integrated into healthcare in a way that strengthens empathetic and trustworthy relationships.
  • Ensuring a safe and inclusive digital care environment where quality and nursing science perspectives are not compromised.
  • Guaranteeing equal access and promoting digital competence.

Psychaitric nursing – theory development

  • Interprofessional communication in psychiatric outpatient care (Main supervisor for doctoral student Ingela Rudberg)
  • The role of staff in promoting participation among people with intellectual disabilities (Main supervisor for doctoral student Oskar Andersson)
  • Violence and aggression in intensive care (Co-supervisor for doctoral student Fredric Sjöberg, KI)
  • Inclusive health for women living in homelessness
  • Integrated care: Creating a Mini-Maria outpatient facility
  • Digitalization in Nursing
  • Cyber nursing – theory development
  • The dark side of digitalization in primary care – impact on the psychosocial work environment