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Daniele Silvestro


Research subject: Environmental Science



About the researcher

As researcher in Circular Economy I´m investigating symbiotic solutions to enable a more efficient use of materials, energy and other available resources in both industrial and urban contexts. My main approach is the analysis of material flows and identification of obstacles and opportunities to a sustainable development, while stimulating cooperation among the different regional stakeholders in order to encourage Industrial and Urban Symbiosis initiatives. This includes project management, research, teaching, and development of workshops with companies and public actors to increase awareness and facilitate constructive dialogues. To give our research projects better visibility, I am creating a regional network for industrial and urban symbiosis (GENIUS) which can act as reference point for the University of Gävle's projects related to the topic.

During my professional journey as Biotechnology engineer, I have been focusing on research and development towards resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis, both in the academia and the industry.

Current Research

Sustainable value creation through circular business models


  • Higher Education Teaching / Adjunktpædagogikum, University of Copenhagen – DK - 2015
  • Ph.D. in Biotechnology engineering (Bioteknik), University of Copenhagen - DK - 2012
  • MSc in Biotechnology, University of Naples “Federico II”- IT - 1996

Working Experience

  • Researcher at University of Gävle 2020 –
  • R&D Analytical Laboratory Manager at CARLSBERG BREWERIES A/S (DK) 8/2016 – 11/2019
  • Postdoctoral Researcher at COPENHAGEN UNIVERSITY (DK) 6/2012 – 5/2016
  • Ph.D. student at COPENHAGEN UNIVERSITY (DK) – CNRS/STRASBOURG (FR) 11/2008 – 5/2012
  • Researcher at NAPLES ZOOLOGICAL STATION, ANTON DOHRN, NAPLES (IT) 1/2007 – 9/2008
  • R&D researcher/product developer at BAT (BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO) ITALIA S.P.A. (IT) 5/2002 – 11/2006

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