Karl Hillman, profilbild

Karl Hillman

Senior lecturer, associate professor

Research subject: Environmental Science



About the researcher

I am an associate professor in sustainability science with specialisation in environmental engineering. I am head of education in Sustainability Science, working with teaching and development of the educations at the University of Gävle. I am also involved in various research projects and I supervise a number of PhD students. My main research interests are environmental assessments and socio-technical change. What options are the best for the environment and how can good practices be fostered? I have much experience from the field of renewable fuels and electricity for road transportation, but I also work with other kind of environmental technology.


Environmental systems analysis, environmental assessment, socio-technical change, innovation systems, sustainable transportation, renewable fuels, biofuels, clean vehicles, material recycling.

System analysis of hydrogen External link.

The previous project on the system analysis of regional value chains for renewable fuels has been completed, but the information is still current. Read more about Regional Alternative Technologies for the Traffic in Gävleborg County, Sweden - RATT-X External link.

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