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In my role as Professor in Environmental Engineering, research, teaching and supervision of PhD students is included. Teaching is mainly performed within education programs in construction, energy and environmental engineering, while research and supervision primarily focuses on environmental assessment of technologies with a focus on life cycle assessment (LCA) in construction, energy and transport. In practice, all activities are conducted in collaboration with faculty colleagues and various businesses and organizations regionally and nationally.

I grew up in northern Stockholm and in 1997 I became a mechanical engineer specializing in energy at KTH. This was followed by graduate studies in chemical engineering at KTH, which ended with a PhD in Industrial Ecology in 2003. The thesis mainly includes life cycle analysis of municipal solid waste management using the computer model ORWARE. I moved to Gävle in 2004 and then began my employment at HiG. However, there is a continued connection to KTH as I am admitted as Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Strategies Research. To varying degree I also work part time at the research and consulting firm Profu.

Research ID: J-1472-2012

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