Current research project:

  • The interplay of physiological and cognitive mechanisms of hearing (supported by RJ)
  • The relation between working memory capacity and basic learning processes (supported by VR)
  • Room acoustics, speech intelligibility and learning in classroom settings (supported by FORMAS)
  • Consumer behavior in the context of environmental psychology (e.g., factors influencing purchase of eco-friendly products)

Editorial responsibilities:

Specialty Chief Editor of Environmental Psychology, subsection of Frontiers in Psychology External link.

Current Ph.D. students:

  • Anders Hurtig
  • Mattias Holmgren
  • Douglas MacCutcheon
  • Hanna Andersson

Ph.D. students who have graduated under my supervision:

  • Alan Kabanshi
  • Niklas Halin
  • Anatole Nöstl
  • Andreas Haga
  • Marijke Keus