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Anneli Frelin is Professor of Curriculum Studies at the University of Gävle, Sweden. With a background in teaching, her main interest is what makes education work for all. She has conducted projects on topics such as innovative learning environments, whole-school approaches to creating sustainable educational environments, safe schools, teachers’ professionalism and teacher commitment. She has a special interest in spatial, relational, and curriculum theories and her articles have been published in international and national journals. She is deputy director of the strategic research area Innovative learning, With Jan Grannäs, she also co-directs the research group ROLE (Research on Learning Environments) and is deputy director of the research program LET (Learning Environments of Tomorrow. She is also involved in the European research network DRAPES (Design, Research and Practice in Educational Spaces) and in several research projects.

Research group: ROLE – Research On Learning Environments

Current Research