Guadalupe Francia, profilbild

Guadalupe Francia


Research subject: Education

Research area: Educational Science


About the researcher

Professor in Education and Research Leader for the Strategic Research Domain Innovative Learning.

  • Project on pupil mental health (University of Gävle) 2021 (funding ULF)
  • Project Bullying from a Gender perspective Gävle model 2019-2021 University of Gävle
  • Project Career Counseling an equity perspective, 2019–2021 University of Gävle
  • School Free choice and Gender: Project in cooperation with Västerås municipality and Mälardalen university 2017-2018. Final report 2019. Ongoing publication work 2020–2021. Funding 300 000 Swedish Crowns.
  • The Convention of the Rights of the Child in the Context of the Advance of the Far-Right (University of Gävle Sweden, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain and Universidad Nacional de San Martin Argentina) 2021
  • Children’s Rights from a Sustainability Perspective : The UNCRC in Dialogue with Agenda 2030: Unaccompanied Migrant Children’s Rights: A Prerequisite for the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals in Spain and Sweden (2021)
  • The emergence of the anti-gender agenda in Swedish higher education 2021 (University of Gävle)
  • Biopolíticas de cierre de centros educativos desde una perspectiva de género: los casos de España y Suecia (Universidad de Valencia Spain & University of Gävle Sweden)

Research area Innovative learning

Research project SEEDS (in Swedish)

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