Silvia Edling has taught in primary schools since 1995 and in higher education, particularly teacher training, since 2003. During her twenty years of teaching experience she has enhanced her knowledge of social sustainability, learning, the teaching profession, democracy, diversity, equal treatment and ethics through education. Over the years Edling has worked with course development, as a course coordinator, in tutorials and reviews of scientific texts and teaching from a preschool teachers’ programme to master’s level.

Since 2015 she has been engaged in issues of tertiary education through her teaching responsibilities, courses on the educational perspectives on teaching and learning in higher education and work on schools’ grading systems. In 2017 she received an excellent teacher award from the University of Gävle. Over the years Edling has investigated the following at basic, masters and research levels: a) supervision of certificates and masters’ degree work, b) perspectives on the teaching profession, c) perspectives on learning, d) democracy, values and sustainable development, e), group processes, f) leadership and g) scientific writing.

Edling also has teaching experience in education at the Swedish National Agency for Education. Since 2013 she has held a permanent position as a guest lecturer on a master’s course at the University of Granada (Spain) and has been invited as guest professor by Newcastle University, Australia, with the purpose of serving as assistant supervisor to doctoral students. In addition, she has been asked to speak at a conference for graduate students at the University of Limerick (Ireland) and to be a lecturer in the master’s course in didactics at the University of Oslo.