Zahra Ahmadi, profilbild

Zahra Ahmadi

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Business Administration


About the researcher

Zahra Ahmadi is a senior lecturer at the University of Gävle. She works in a research project on sustainable business relationships, where her own project of market orientation in public housing is included.

The dissertation examines how public housing in small towns (some contextual rigidities) applies strategies differently. With increasing demands on returns and profits public housing companies develop strategies for market orientation (MO) in relation to customers and competitors to meet, and preferably exceed, current and future customer needs. Market orientation requires them to act in the long term so that the technical, social and economic demands are met and that their commitments will generate profit. The studies focus include how the housing companies handle the challenges, such as the options to demolish, maintain and / or build new buildings to be innovative, where the context they find themselves in is relevant to how they act strategically.

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