Calm Room, Resting Room and Quiet Workplaces

At the University of Gävle, we want to create a good working environment for you as a student by offering different kinds of environments for you to study in. Around campus, there are a large number of group rooms, study spaces and computer rooms adapted to the different needs of students. There's also a quiet room and rest rooms if you want some extra peace and quiet. You can read about them and their locations here.

Calm Room

The Quiet Room in room 51:112 is where you can find peace and quiet. You can come here for meditation, prayer, to just be or to take a break from all the stress. The room has been created to meet the needs of stillness, silence and spirituality in the University's environment.

  • The Quiet Room has no traditional religious symbols, but is furnished with a few things that speak to us in a similar way and bring rest to the eye.
  • The Quiet Room is a room for the whole body. You can find a place that suits you, on a bench, a meditation stool or on the floor. For Muslim prayer, there are prayer mats to lay out on the floor.
  • All gatherings in the Quiet Room are open. You are welcome to attend without participating. If the room is booked for silent meditation, it is important that your presence does not disturb.

Rules for the Calm Room

  • The Calm room is always open and unlocked, both for students and staff, regardless of religion or belief (outlook on life)
  • The Calm room is meant as a place for silence and calmness, meditation or prayer. It is not to be used for conversation, studies, to eat or sleep
  • The Calm room is in the first place meant for individual visits
  • Women and men always have the same admittance to the room
  • It is not allowed to put anything on the walls or leave personal belongings in the room.

The room can also be booked for gatherings, maximum 60 minutes. Other visitors must show consideration for the activity booked.

Resting Room

Resting Room for students and visitors are located in 31:140. The key to the Rest Room can be borrowed from reception.

Quiet Workplaces

On campus, there are group rooms, study areas and computer rooms of various types. There is a quiet reading environment in the library and a quiet computer room in building 51.

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