Take part in the introduction afterwards

As a new student with us, you are offered a range of activities during the first weeks of the semester. Introduction day, lectures and guided tours are some of the activities. If you missed any, you can find more on this page. All activities are in Swedish,

Watch a recording of the welcome ceremony

During fifty packed minutes, new students are given good tips for their studies. The students who attended the introduction day and watched the welcome ceremony in the University's Valhall auditorium were welcomed by the University's Vice-Chancellor Ylva Fältholm and Gefle Student Union President Nikolai Kronmann and others. The welcome ceremony was also broadcast live on Facebook and you can now watch the broadcast afterwards.

Information sessions from 2022

In 2022, the University offered, among other things, three information sessions: New at the university, How to succeed with your studies and How do I have time for everything? The overall theme of all information sessions is to create good conditions for success as a student. The sessions were recorded and can be viewed afterwards.


Satu Moberg, profilbild

Satu Moberg

Division of Educational support

Lisa Olsson, profilbild

Lisa Olsson

Division of Educational support

Telephone hours Monday-Thursday 9.00–10.00.

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