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The Student Support Service is staffed throughout the summer but has limited staff during certain weeks. The response time to emails may therefore be slightly longer than normal. To help you in the best possible way, we have compiled answers to the most requently asked questions in a FAQ, hopefully you can find answers to your questions here.

Registration and admission

Don't miss any important autumn semester dates and deadlines. Find out when your application and documents are due and, best of all, when you'll get your admissions decision. All deadlines are midnight CET (Central European Time) at the end of the day on the date indicated. All dates are in 2024, unless otherwise noted.

Autumn semester dates External link.

While we are processing late applications and reserve admissions, we cannot answer questions about the number of available program spots or your chances of being admitted.

If you have been offered a place, you must respond to your Admission Decision by accepting it. If you do not do so in time, you will lose your place to another applicant. The exact date is indicated in your Admission Decision, which you can find on My Pages on Universityadmissions.se

In the second selection, you may have been deleted if you have forgotten to accept your Admission Decision after the first selection. You may also have been deleted because you have been admitted to a higher priority option. In that case you can reapply via universityadmissons.se. The requirement is that you have been admitted in the First selection round and the course/programme is still open för late application. Your reapplication will be treated as a late application.

How to reapply at Universityadmissions.se External link.

Late applications are placed in the queue according to those who applied on time and according to the date the application was received. Therefore, please submit your application as soon as possible. You will be notified via Universityadmission.se when we have processed your Late Application. In some cases, you may be notified after the course has already started.

Waiting list and late applications at Universityadmissions.se External link.

University Admissions won't process documents received after the deadline until after the admissions results are published. They will first review the on-time applications. Once the results are out, if a course was removed from your application because you didn't meet the entry requirements, but you believe you do meet them based on the late documents, you need to reapply for the course. To reapply, follow these steps:

  • send an email to University Admissions after admissions results are published, explaining that you’d like to reapply.
  • in the letter, include the application code(s) for the courses you wish to reapply for and indicate in what order you wish to rank them.
  • you can submit your documents at any time.

Reapplying for courses and programmes at Universityadmissions.se External link.

To be conditionally admitted means that you are accepted and can start the course, provided that you can prove that you meet the specified course entry requirements at the latest at the roll-call. The most common reason for a conditional admittance is that there is not yet a final grade set on a qualifying course.

To be registered, you must be able to show that you fulfil all entry requirements by the start of the course. If you are admitted with conditions, you cannot register on your own via Ladok. You therefore need to send your name, Swedish personal ID and the name of the course to the Studentsupport so we can check your eligibility.

Send an email to Studentsupport.se

On Universityadmission.se you can see courses and programmes that still are open for late registration after the deadline for registration has passed. The courses that are still open for applicants have a clickable "Select" button rightmost of the application option at universityadmissons.se. But note that even if the programme is possible to choose, it does not always mean that there are vacancies. We can unfortunately not answer questions about how many vacant programme places are left or what the chances are of being admitted.

If a course does not have a select button, it is closed for late enrollment and there are no available places left. A late enrollment can only be made on courses that are still open for late enrollment and thus have a select button.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) is responsible for statistics on minimum admission scores, number of applicants and number of admissions.

UHRs statistics (Swedish) External link.

Before the start of the semester

The fall semester starts on 2 September, 2024. On 30 August, we invite all new students to an Introduction Day.

Semester dates and exam weeks
All you need to know about the Introduction day

You can find your personal schedule via the university's online schedule search.

Find your schedule (Swedish)

In connection with the syllabus, you will find the course literature list. You can find the syllabus in your welcome information, but you can also search for your syllabus via the syllabus database. Search by course name or course code.

Search for your syllabus and reading list

The university sends out an email, after the first and second admission letter, to those who have been admitted to a course or program.

Welcome information for your course
Information about the introductory course, day, time and place of the program start

We hope you will join us in celebrating Friday, August 30. Many of our programs have a program introduction and a roll call in connection with the introduction day. During the call, you will receive general practical information about studying at the University of Gävle and specific information about your program. If you are unable to attend on campus, you can follow the welcome ceremony digitally on Facebook. You do not need an account to follow the broadcast.

All you need to know about the Introduction Day External link.

There is a lot to think about as a new student. For you, it might mean a whole new life in a whole new country. An important issue for most people is housing and you need to apply for accommodation yourself. It is a good idea to start looking for accommodation as early as possible, and it is a good idea to join a housing queue.

Student Accommodation External link.

Only those who are admitted may attend the programme introduction. If you are a reserve, you should instead be available by e-mail and telephone in connection with the start of the programme and course.

Once you have accepted a course or programme, your user account will be created automatically. You can collect it two weeks before the start of the semester.

Create your user account

Each semester you need to register for the courses you are taking. Without a course registration you are not considered an active student. You can register for your course via Ladok two weeks prior to course start.

Register for your course External link.

The Studentsupport can, among other things, answer questions regarding registration, grading and welcome information for courses and programs.

Send an email to studentsupport@hig.se

Do you want to take a break from your studies or stop studying on your programme or a course? Find out about the differences between "Approved leave for studies" and "Non-completion of studies" and how to apply.

Approved Leave from Studies and Non-completion of Studies External link.

You apply for your degree certificate at the University where you completed the last course of your education. Your application will be assessed against the applicable national and local graduation rules.

Read more about obtaining your degree certificate

Study support

  1. Apply via the national system Nais (external link) External link.. Attach a doctor's certificate stating your disability. You can upload a photo of the certificate with your phone. Note: The doctor's certificate must be in English or Swedish.
  2. The coordinator for disability study support will contact you to discuss appropriate support measures.
  3. The coordinator makes a decision where the support measures are outlined.
  4. The support measures are available to you via Nais (external link External link.).
  5. You need to show the support measures to your teachers and examiners at the beginning of each course, when you discuss your support with them.

It may take time to arrange the solution that suits your needs, therefore contact us well in advance.

If you are in need of study support, do not hesitate to ask. You are always welcome to contact the Coordinators. It may take time to arrange the solution that suits your needs, therefore contact us well in advance.

Send an email to ps@hig.se

Study councelling

Study abroad, exchange students and tuition fee paying students

Are you a programme student at University of Gävle and want to go abroad during your studies? There are several options, including being an exchange student or having a traineeship period abroad.

All you need to know about studying abroad External link.

Are you interested in studying abroad or studying at the university of Gävle as an exchange student? Let our international office help you further with your studies.

Study abroad External link.
Exchange Students External link.


Student support

Division of Educational Support

General admission questions

If you have questions about your application, your account on Universityadmissions.se or other general admission questions, please contact: Universityadmissions.se External link.

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