Welcome to Avancerat akademiskt skrivande i företagsekonomi, 7,5 Credits

Här kan du läsa mer om kursregistrering, kursupplägg med mera. Här hittar du även information om din kursplan och kursens schema. EN

Information about the course

Course and application code

FEA150, 11184

Study period and pace

week 36–45 at 50% (Half-time)

Register on your course

För att behålla din studieplats måste du registrera dig på din kurs senast vid kursstarten.

Du registrerar dig i Ladok för studenter och registreringsperioden öppnar två veckor före kursstart. När du registrerar dig visar du att du är en aktiv student på kursen.

Syllabus and reading list

I kursplanen kan du läsa mer om kursens innehåll, mål och hur den examineras. I litteraturlistan kan du se vilken kurslitteratur som ingår i din kurs.

Du söker fram din kursplan och litteratur på länken här nedan. Om en kursplan- eller litteraturlista finns i flera versioner så ska du utgå från den nyaste upplagan.

Your Timetable

Kursens schema publiceras senast fyra veckor innan kursstart. Du kan själv söka fram ditt schema via schema-appen Kronox. Du kan söka genom att ange kursens namn, kurskod eller anmälningskod.

Information från kursansvarig

Course Description

Advanced Academic Writing in Business Studies gives students the knowledge needed to carry out academic work in business studies In the course, the students are introduced to relevant philosophical backgrounds such as ontology, epistemology, and axiology to understand and reflect on their own philosophical position in relation to their academic work. The students are also introduced to different approaches to theory development such as inductive, deductive, and abductive approaches. In the course, the students also practice how to be critical in an academic writing process and learn the importance of referencing, including how to use references and proper referencing systems. This is a half-time course with a weight of 7.5 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points. The course runs between week 36 (September 2) and week 45 (November 10), 2024.

The grading of the course is based on two assessment tasks:
1. Thesis Proposal – hybrid (individual and team); formative assignment
2. Written Home Examination - individual assignment

Note: Detailed information about these tasks will be available in the Course Guidelines that you will find in Canvas.

Communication and Teaching Approach

FEA150 Advanced Academic Writing in Business Studies is a Campus course. All communication and information dissemination will be done through Canvas, the university’s web-based learning management system. Thus, you are expected to be registered and familiarized with our course in Canvas, ideally even before the first meeting.

Teaching is provided through lectures, seminars, consultation, presentations, writing and giving feedback. In addition, material and information will be made available in a course room in Canvas for registered students. The course employs a blended learning style of education. This means that WE blend online and digital learning components with in-class activities. It implies that you will have diverse learning activities throughout the course. The course will be delivered in English, including oral presentations, discussions, and all written material.

The course introduction is on September 5 at 09:00 in room 31.329.



Student Support

Division of Educational Support

Telephone hours Monday–Thursday 9.00–10.00.

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