Copy Centre

At the Copy Centre we can help you with printing, copying and binding. We can also scan images and texts. Please order via our web form.

Our services

Service provided by the Copy Centre are mainly:

  • Copying / Colour copying in A4 and A3
  • Lamination
  • Printing of course material
  • Scanning texts and pictures

Copying prizes and payment

The cost is SEK 0.70 for an ordinary copy in black and white. For printing on both sides the cost is SEK 1.00. For printing in colour the prize is SEK 3.00 per side for an ordinary page.

Please ask us for prizes for other printing options (different paper sizes, large quantities, different services etc.).

Payment by card (minimum of SEK 10.00) or by Swish.

To order

Welcome with your order, preferably use our order form.

  • Enter in the form what you want your print to look like, number of copies, what paper quality and what format the printout should have etc.
  • You can attach a maximum of four files to the form. If you have more files to copy, you can either email or fill out the form several times.
    Orders can also be sent via e-mail. You can leave documentation via paper, file, USB memory.
  • Finished orders are placed in the counter outside the repro.
  • Feel free to book large jobs in advance. Then your order is prioritized.

For more advanced orders where the web form is not usable, you are welcome to email directly or describe your wishes directly in the field Other information.

We may not copy books without the permission of the authors.

Order form for copying

Single or double-sided printing
Single or double-sided printing

Printing in black and white or in colour
Printing in black and white or in colour

Staples or binding
Staples or binding

Please ask us for more stapling or binding alternatives. You can also write what you want in the field "Other information"

Opening hours

We are open Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00, 13:00–15:00. During summer and Swedish holidays opening hours are limited.

Staff: Diana Eriksson and Monica Öbrink

Phone: 026-64 85 39

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