Rights and Obligations

As a student, a number of laws and regulations determine your rights and your obligations. You yourself are responsible for your study performance and you have to follow laws and regulations. For this reason, it is important that you are familiar with them.

Laws and Regulations that Govern Education

The University of Gävle is a government agency, and as such its activities are regulated by national laws and regulations stipulated by the Swedish Government. All Swedish Higher Education Institutions are regulated by such laws and regulations and the most important ones are the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance.

Moreover, there are also specific policy documents and regulations established by the University of Gävle that regulate the relation between student and University.

Laws and Regulations

Higher Education Act External link. (HL) (SFS 1992:1434)

Higher Education Ordinance External link. (HF) (SFS 1993:100)

Administrative Procedure Act External link. (SFS 1986:223)

If you are dissatisfied

If you think the University fails to meet its requirements or does not live up to your expectations, you should first discuss the matter with your lecturer/examiner or other staff at your faculty. Of course, you may also contact the Head of Department or someone else in charge.

Student Ombudsman

If you need support and help, you can contact the Student Ombudsman at the University of Gävle. The Student Ombudsman works to solve any study-related problems together with students and teachers.

You can reach the Student Ombudsman by e-mail studentombud@hig.se or doktorandombud@hig.se

Cheating and Disciplinary matters

You are not allowed to mislead during an exam or during assessment of some other type of study performance. In short, you are not allowed to cheat. All forms of cheating are absolutely prohibited and will invariably lead to disciplinary measures.

More information about Cheating and Disciplinary matters

Examination and Grading

Here you can read about your rights and obligations as a student regarding examina­tions. We have listed the answers to questions we often receive about grades and examinations.

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Certain decisions taken by University of Gävle can be appealed. The Higher Education Appeals Board is the public authority responsible for hearing appeals against certain decisions made in the higher education sector.

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