The aim of the University of Gävle is to work for growth and sustainable development by collaborating with companies, the public sector and other stakeholders in the region.

We value our international relations and one of our ambitions is to collaborate with those in our adjacent community. Through collaboration we improve our programmes, courses, and research, at the same time as they become more relevant for our region.

We are looking for more opportunities to collaborate, as we are convinced that this will lead to better development in the future for both the community and our University.

More opportunities for collaboration

At the University you meet students, lecturers and researchers who present a number of opportunities for collaboration and coproduction with the academic world.

  • Collaboration with students and within education
  • Collaboration within research
  • Career development and jobs

Find us directly at the subject level

Go to the University organisation where you can easily gain access to several subjects and ideas for collaboration. Continue to the faculties where we present collaboration models for education and research.

Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies

Here you will find education and research within the field of health and working life with subjects such as sports science, criminology, psychology and public health. The research profile, Health-Promoting Working Life, includes for example occupational health sciences, social work and healthcare sciences. CBF, the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research, is also found here.

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Here you will find subjects within the fields of engineering and the environment like building, energy, environment, climate, and industrial development. The University’s research and educational profile Built Environment has its base here. CLIP (The Centre for Innovative Production and Logistics) is also included in the profile.

Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Here you will find the departments for business studies, humanities and educational sciences. The faculty also has a research and educational profile – educational sciences/curriculum studies/ discipline-based education.



Joakim Helmbrant
Phone: 026-648905
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Anna Jansson Åkerson
Cooperation administrator
Phone: 026-64 87 90
E-mail: anna.jansson@hig.se

Anna Näsman
Cooperation administrator
Phone: 026-64 89 88
E- mail: anna.nasman@hig.se

Anna Bäcklund
Tel: 026-64 86 02
E-post: anna.backlund@hig.se

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