Develop your company in cooperation with a student

As an employer, it can be valuable to come into contact with our students during their studies.Cooperating with a student can give your company a possibility to develop and access new knowledge. It can also be an essential part of your future recruitment. We call it work integrated learning, and it gives students the opportunity to prepare for the professional life.Work integrated learning exists in different forms and is in one way or another applied within several of our study programmes and there are many possibilities for You to cooperate with our students.

You can cooperate with our students through

  • Degree projects and project work
  • Co-op education
  • Placement
  • Sponsorship
  • Study visits
  • Guest lectures


Joakim Helmbrant, profilbild

Joakim Helmbrant


Anna Jansson Åkerson, profilbild

Anna Jansson Åkerson


Anna Näsman, profilbild

Anna Näsman


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