Specialist Nursing Programme - Elderly Care 60 cr

Are you already a registered nurse but wish to go further? Then you can apply for the Specialist Nursing Programme with Specialisation in Care of the Elderly.


60 cr

Application code


Application deadline

mars 15, 2024

Form of education

Distance learning



Study time

september 2, 2024–juni 7, 2026


Nursing degree comprising 180 ECTS credits, or 

  • Degree at the undergraduate level that includes at least 180 ECTS credits, including 90 ECTS credits in the main area of nursing, nursing science or health sciences
  • Identification issued by Socialstyrelsen

In addition, knowledge of Swedish and English is required, corresponding to what is required for basic eligibility for Swedish higher education at the undergraduate level.


Higher education credit



Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing- Elderly Care

Fields within the programme Year 1

Add specialist skills to your nursing education

Upon completion of this specialist programme, you will have the skills needed to work as a specialist nurse in elderly care and at geriatric clinics where good knowledge of elderly care is required.

The University of Gävle has extensive experience in the education of specialist nurses.


Annica Björkman, profilbild

Annica Björkman


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