The University of Gävle is working systematically to improve the quality of education and research.

About the University’s quality system

The University's internal quality assurance procedures permeate all activities. Quality in education and research is divided into three dimensions:

  1. Conditions to perform education and research of high quality.
  2. Processes and implementations to assure that education and research are of high quality.
  3. The quality of the output of education and research

The University’s line organisation, faculty, and support services work together to reach the quality goals. The line and support services must ensure favourable conditions. The faculty, the line, and support services work together to ensure and improve the quality of education and research processes and results.

The University's policy for quality assurance states the quality aspects and goals for the quality assurance work.

The University's framework for the quality assurance system describes how the quality assurance policy is realized into concrete quality assurance work by clarifying which processes and associated steering documents secure and improves the quality for the quality aspects specified in the quality assurance policy.

Quality assurance processes

University's quality system contains two main quality assurance processes that aim for systematic quality improvements in our education and research:

  • Thematic quality development
  • Quality development through peer reviews

The quality assurance system improves and assures University's indirect sustainability work and environmental impact, while University's environmental management system improves and assures the University's work to reduce its direct environmental impact.

Results from the process Quality improvement by collegial review

The quality process includes quality improvement by peer review of educational programs, postgraduate programs, and research. Each program and research discipline is reviewed every six years. In the process, a self-evaluation of the quality is performed followed by a peer review. The reviewers assess the quality and propose measures for quality improvements and write a report. Based on the peer reviewers’ report the University’s faculty board formulates quality assignments for the faculties.

The quality assignments for the faculties from University’s faculty board 2023 (in swedish) Pdf, 235.1 kB.

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