Erika Björklund, profilbild

Erika Björklund

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Education

Research area: Educational Science


About the researcher

Erika Björklund's research is focused on educational issues within the area of health promotion. In a current research project she is concerned with teachers' student health work. Erika Björklund is also interested in the use of pleasure as an educational tool in health work; how ideas about gender and evolutionary ideas are expressed in health promotion and with what consequences for how women and men are invited to understand themselves as healthy beings; and what questions about health researchers in education are interested in.

Current research

Health in education. The purpose of the project is to explore how health figures in Swedish educational research. The project contributes knowledge regarding the development of the discipline of education. The project was started in 2016 and is expected to be finnished in 2017.
Teachers' student health work. Another of Erika Björklund's projects starts in 2017 and is concerned with how teachers in their everyday work view and work with student health. The project contributes knowledge regarding how teachers view the demarcation between the health work performed by teachers in the classroom compared to the health work performed by student health teams in the school.

Erika Björklund teaches classes in the Health Education Program and in the Teacher Training Program. She also teaches in the Masters Program in Health at work.

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