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At the University of Gävle, there are about 200 employees who are active in research, of which 45 are professors and 64 are doctoral students. Research is conducted in varying degrees since the vast majority combines research and teaching.

Number of employees by job category and years (man-years) in 2022

Number of



Doctoral student








Senior lecturer












Source: Årsredovisning 2022 för Högskolan i Gävle, page 46. Note: Due to rounding of working time, the categories may not always add up to the total.

Researchers in alphabetical order


Ahlenius, Martin, Business Administration
Ahmadi, Zahra, Business Administration
Ahonen-Jonnarth, Ulla, Decision, risk and policy analysis
Ahmadi, Fereshteh, Social Work
Akander, Jan, Building technology
Amiri, Shahnaz, Energy systems
Annell, Cecilia, Swedish
Arakelian, Erebouni, Occupational Health Sciences
Arbin, Katarina, Business Administration
Asami Johansson, Yukiko, Mathematics
Atak, Kivanc, Criminology
Attorps, Iiris, Mathematics


Bagherbandi, Mohammad, Land surveying
Bahrami, Alireza, Building technology
Barthel, Stephan, Sustainability Science
Bengtsson, Lars, Industrial engineering and management
Berggren, Benny, Business Administration
Bergsten, Eva, Occupational Health Sciences
Bergstrand, Ulrika, Education
Bergström, Gunnar, Occupational Health Sciences
Biamba, Cresantus, Curriculum studies
Björck, Caroline, Caring Science
Björk, Ingrid, Swedish
Björklund, Erika, Education
Björklund, Johan, Mathematics
Björklund, Ove, Caring Science
Björkman, Annica, Caring Science
Björling, Mikael, Chemistry
Björsell, Niclas, Electrical Engineering
Blad, Karin, Law
Blomqvist, Sven, Sport Science
Blückert, Ann, Swedish
Boman, Eva, Psychology
Bourbour, Maryam, Education
Boustedt, Jonas, Computer Science
Brandt, Anders, Geography
Brunåker Svante, Business Administration
Brännström, Andreas, Caring Science
Bylund Grenklo, Tove, Caring Science
Bökman, Fredrik, Decision, risk and policy analysis


Cabral, Diogo, Energy Systems
Calmunger, Mattias, Energy Systems
Cananau, Iulian, English
Carlsson, Marianne, Caring Science
Cehlin, Mathias, Energy Systems
Chilo, José, Electrical Engineering
Christensson, Johan, Swedish
Colding, Johan, Sustainability Science
Cortas Nordlander, Maria, Mathematics
Cronhjort, Mikael, Mathematics


Dadgar, Iman, Occupational Health Sciences
Dahlin, Olov, Religious Studies
Djupsjöbacka, Mats, Occupational Health Sciences
Dominic, Chris, Industrial engineering and management
Dotzauer, Erik, Energy systems


Edin, Anna, Media and Communication Studies
Edling, Silvia, Curriculum studies
Efverman, Anna, Caring Science
Ek, Mikael, Law
Elm, Annika, Curriculum studies
Engström, Maria, Caring Science
Enmarker, Ingela, Caring Science
Eriksson, Bengt, Building technology
Eriksson, Elisabet, Caring Science
Eriksson, Lars, Psychology
Eriksson, Mårten, Psychology
Eslahchi, Morteza, Occupational Health Sciences


Farstad, Britt, Swedish
Fjell, Maria, Caring Science
Fjellström, Daniella, Business Administration
Fobbe, Lea, Industrial engineering and management
Forinder, Ulla, Social Work
Francia, Guadalupe, Education
Fredlund, Tobias, Curriculum studies
Frelin, Anneli, Curriculum studies


Gerdemark, Tommy External link., Business Administration
Gomes, Joao External link., Energy systems
Grannäs, Jan External link., Curriculum studies
Grell, Pär External link., Social Work
Gren, Åsa External link., Sustainability Science
Grylin, Hanna External link., Law
Gustafsson, Christina External link., Curriculum studies
Gustafsson, Mattias External link., Energy systems
Göras, Camilla External link., Caring Science


Hadin, Åsa External link., Industrial engineering and management
Haga, Andreas External link., Sustainability Science
Haglund, Björn External link., Curriculum studies
Halin, Niklas External link., Psychology
Hallman, David External link., Occupational Health Sciences
Hamberg, Mattias External link., Business Administration
Hammarberg, Annie External link., Curriculum studies
Hartwig, Fredrik External link., Business Administration
Hayati, Abolfazl External link., Energy systems
Hedborg, Kerstin External link., Medical Science
Hedman, Maria External link., Caring Science
Heiden, Marina External link., Occupational Health Sciences
Hellström, Fredrik External link., Occupational Health Sciences
Hilletofth, Per External link., Industrial engineering and management
Hillman, Karl External link., Sustainability Science
Hilmola, Olli-Pekka External link., Industrial engineering and management
Hillström, Lars External link., Biology
Hiswåls, Anne-Sofie External link., Public Health Science
Hjelmblom, Magnus External link., Decision, risk and policy analysis
Hofsten, Anna External link., Medical Science
Holmberg, Jörgen External link., Curriculum studies
Holmgren, Hanna External link., Computer Science
Holter, Mark External link., Social Work
Homayoun, Saeid External link., Business Administration
Huda Chowdhury, Ehsanul External link., Business Administration
Hugosson, Håkan, External link. Physics
Hultgren, Christina External link., Biology
Humble, Niklas External link., Computer Science


Isaksson, Magnus External link., Electrical Engineering
Israelson, Per External link., Media and Communication Studies
Iqbal, Asifa External link., Geospatial Science


Jackson, Jennie, Occupational Health Sciences
Jahnke, Fredrik, Religious Studies
Januario, Leticia, Occupational Health Sciences
Jerlinder, Kajsa, Sport Science
Jernberg, Signe, Business Administration
Jerre, Kristina, Criminology
Jiang, Bin, Geography
Johansson, Anders, Mathematics
Jonbäck, Francis, Religious Studies
Jonsäll, Anette, Industrial engineering and management
Jordal, Malin, Caring Science
Jägerbrand, Annika, Biology


Kaatari, Henrik, English
Kang, Olivia, Business Administration
Kabanshi, Alan, Energy systems
Kalinnikova Magnusson, Liya, Education
Kaltenbrunner Nykvist, Monica, Occupational Health Sciences
Karlsson, Björn, Energy systems
Kellner, Eva, Biology
Knudsen, Kati, Caring Science
Kristoffersson, Eleonor, Law
Kristofferzon, Marja-Leena, Caring Science
Kurvinen, Jaana, Business Administration
Kvarnström, Emilia, Business Administration
Kågström, Jonas, Business Administration
Källström, Rolf, Mathematics


Landström, Mats, Economics
Lang, Lionel, Mathematics
Langeborg, Linda, Psychology
Larsson, Sam, Social Work
Larsson, Stefan, Religious Studies
Larsson, Ulf, Energy systems
Leidhammar, Börje, Law
Lilja, Maja, Social Work
Liljestrand, Johan, Education
Lim, Nancy Joy, Geography
Lindberg, Magnus, Caring Science
Lindberg, Maria, Caring Science
Lindberg, Siv, Industrial Design
Lindgren Ödén, Birgit, Religious Studies
Ljungquist, Sarah, Gender Studies
Lättman, Katrin, Psychology
Löf, Catharina, Social Work
Löfqvist, Lars, Industrial Design
Lönn, Mikael, Biology
Lövgren, Karin, Media and Communication Studies


Ma, Ding, Geospatial Science
Macassa, Gloria, Public Health Science
Magnusson, Lena O, Art Education
Mardan, Nawzad, Energy Systems
Marttila, Anneli, Public Health Science
Masoumi, Davoud, Curriculum Studies
Mathiassen, Svend Erik, Occupational Health Sciences
Mattsson, Magnus, Energy Systems
Mikhaylova, Tatiana, Education
Milutinovic, Goran, Computer Science
Modiano, Marko, English
Monie, Svante, Energy Systems
Moshfegh, Bahram, Energy Systems
Mutiganda, Jean Claude, Business Administration
Mårtensson Gunilla, Caring Science


Nilfouroushan, Faramarz, Land surveying
Niss, Camilla, Industrial engineering and management
Nilsson, Annika, Caring Science
Nobuoka, Jakob, Industrial engineering and management
Nordhall, Ola, Psychology
Norén, Asima, Building technology
Norrman Eriksson, Ola, Sustainability Science


Odelstad, Jan, Decision, risk and policy analysis
Olerud, Johan, Caring Science
Olsson, Annakarin, Caring Science
Olsson, Patrick, Energy systems
Ottosson, Patrik, Electrical Engineering
Osarenkhoe, Aihie, Business Administration


Paasch, Jesper, Geospatial Science
Pal, Rudrajeet, Industrial engineering and management
Palm Kaplan, Kristina, Mathematics
Pettersson, Daniel, Education
Pålsson, Ylva, Caring Science


Qvarfordt, Anna, Sport Science


Radic, Mirko, Mathematics
Rafique, Sajid, Electrical Engineering
Rambaree, Komalsingh, Social Work
Rambaree Backlund, Brita, Social Work
Randmaa, Maria, Caring Science
Rashid, Mamunur, Occupational Health Sciences
Rezasson, Reza, Electrical Engineering
Richter, Hans, Occupational Health Sciences
Ristiniemi, Jari, Religious Studies
Rostami, Amir, Criminology
Rudolfsson, Thomas, Occupational Health Sciences
Rydback, Michelle, Business Administration
Ryrholm, Nils, Biology
Rönnow, Daniel, Electrical Engineering


Sahlin, Eva, Geospatial Science
Salzmann-Erikson, Martin, Caring Science
Samuelsson, Åsa, Occupational Health Sciences
Sandberg, Mats, Energy systems
Sarnecki, Jerzy, Criminology
Seipel, Stefan, Computer science
Shestopalov, Yury, Mathematics
Silén, Marit, Caring Science
Silvestro, Daniele, miljövetenskap
Sjöberg, Stefan, Social Work
Sjöholm, Åke, Medical Science
Sjölund, Britt-Marie, Caring Science
Skytt, Bernice, Caring Science
Soam, Shveta, Sustainability Science
Stake-Nilsson, Kerstin, Medical Science
Strömberg, Annika, Business Administration
Sundström, Agneta, Business Administration
Svanberg, Jan, Business Administration
Svensson, Sven, Occupational Health Sciences
Svennberg, Lena, Sport Science
Söderlund, Jenny, Law
Sörqvist, Patrik, Sustainability Science


Tatar, Kourosh, Mechanical Engineering
Telagam Setti, Sunilkumar (T. Sunil Kumar), Electrical Engineering
Thalén, Peder, Religious Studies
Tham, Pia, Social Work
Thollander, Patrik, Energy systems
Thomas, Kavita, English
Thunander Sundbom, Lena, Medical Science
Trygged, Sven, Social Work
Turunen, Päivi, Social Work



Vesterlund, Per, Media and Communication Studies
Vidman, Åsa, Social Work
von Haartman, Robin, Industrial engineering and management


Wahlin, Lottie, Social Work
Wallhagen, Marita, Sustainability Science
Wallmon, Monika, Business Administration
Wang, Xiaoqin, Mathematics
Wang, Zhao, Sustainability Science
Westerberg Jacobson, Josefin, Caring Science
Westfelt, Lars, Criminology
Widbäck, Anders, Swedish
Wiitavaara, Birgitta, Occupational Health Sciences
Wikman, Sofia, Criminology
Willander, Johan, Psychology
Willmer, Mikaela, Caring Science
Wistrand, Helena, Swedish
Wright, Sandra A. I., Biology




Zetterberg, Camilla, Occupational Health Sciences
Zhao, Ming, Industrial Management


Åge, Lars-Johan, Business Administration
Ågren, Jonas, Land surveying
Ågren, Thomas, Psychology
Åhlén, Julia, Computer science



Öberg, Peter, Social Work
Östlund, Ann-Sofi, Caring Science

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