Welcome to International Social Work 7,5 hp

Här kan du läsa mer om kursregistrering, kursupplägg med mera. Här hittar du även information om din kursplan och kursens schema. EN

Information about the course

Course and application code

SAA012, 15109

Study period and pace

week 36–45 at half speed

Register on your course

För att behålla din studieplats måste du registrera dig på din kurs senast vid kursstarten.

Du registrerar dig i Ladok för studenter och registreringsperioden öppnar två veckor före kursstart. När du registrerar dig visar du att du är en aktiv student på kursen.

Syllabus and reading list

I kursplanen kan du läsa mer om kursens innehåll, mål och hur den examineras. I litteraturlistan kan du se vilken kurslitteratur som ingår i din kurs.

Du söker fram din kursplan och litteratur på länken här nedan. Om en kursplan- eller litteraturlista finns i flera versioner så ska du utgå från den nyaste upplagan.

Your Timetable

Kursens schema publiceras senast fyra veckor innan kursstart. Du kan själv söka fram ditt schema via schema-appen Kronox. Du kan söka genom att ange kursens namn, kurskod eller anmälningskod.

Information from the course co-ordinator

This course is offered in English and it is an advanced level, part-time course that runs over 10 weeks. It is offered as a distance course and the teaching and learning takes place through a mix of live and pre-recorded lectures, an online webinar, web-based interaction, group work, and work on a take-home exam. All readings for the course are in English but students can choose to write the take-home exam in either English or Swedish. The course does not have meetings on campus.

The course is offered as a programme course on both the Master programme in Social Work (course code SAA104) and the 7th semester of the Socionom programme (course code SAA012).
All live sessions on the course are scheduled in the afternoon on Mondays. There will be one compulsory webinar and this is scheduled Monday 23/9 at 13.00-16.00. There are also some non-compulsory live sessions on Zoom and the dates for these are 2/9 (13.00-15.00), 9/9 (14.00-16.30) and 7/10 (13.00-15.00). In addition, it is good to put aside time during week 37 for a group assignment.

The course starts Monday 2nd September with a live Zoom session 13.00-15.00. The link to the Zoom session will be posted on our learning platform, Canvas. This first session will contain course introduction followed by a lecture. The session will be recorded and posted on Canvas afterwards, but it is recommended that you attend live online since you then have the possibility to ask questions about the course.

The learning platform that we will use is Canvas.


Student Support

Division of Educational Support

Telephone hours Monday–Thursday 9.00–10.00.

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