Nordic Ecology Outdoor studies in Nordic Ecosystems A 30 credits

Experience alpine areas, deep forests, lakes and the coastal environment in the wild nature of the northern parts of Europe!

In this course, field studies are combined with theory, seminars and group discussions in order to deepen the knowledge of plant and animal ecology in Nordic ecosystems.

The course includes following parts:

Plant and animal communities and specific adaptations to arctic conditions are studied. The course includes a one week field trip to the mountains of northern Sweden

Alpine Ecology A 7,5 credits External link.

Basic aquatic ecology is studied in lakes, running waters and coastal areas of the Baltic Sea. Field investigations during excursions are combined with laboratory work and theoretical studies.

Aquatic Ecosystems in Nordic Countries A, 7,5 credits External link.

Ecological characteristics of natural and managed forests are studied during excursions, seminars and projects. One of the highlights is animal tracking of wildlife, ex wolf, lynx and moose, including a three-day excursion to a boreal forest.

Boreal Forest Ecology A, 7,5 credits (incl. 3 days field trip) External link.

This course includes lectures and discussions in seminars on sustainability in agriculture, forestry, fishery and urban areas. We will discuss sustainable use of natural resources in Nordic Ecosystems, and also make excursions to fishery research stations, mines, recycling stations and regional authorities.

Sustainability in Nordic Ecosystems A, 7,5 credits External link.

Application information

Prerequisites: General entry requirements
Selection: Secondary school grades


Application at External link.. Application code HIG-18127. Last date to apply is usually April 15th.
For exact date se: Key dates and deadlines. External link.

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