Registering and publishing in DiVA

At the University of Gävle, we use DiVA for e-publishing and bibliographic documentation of student theses.

Register your thesis in DiVA

  1. Write your thesis according to the instructions given by your department. Use the correct title page.
  2. Convert your final, approved thesis version to a pdf-file.
  3. Read the University's terms of agreement for electronic publishing External link. External link.. When you upload your pdf file, you are supposed to have read and agreed to these terms as well as the general publishing conditions in DiVA.
  4. Log in to DiVA External link. with your user account. If your account is no longer active contact the It help desk.
  5. Register your thesis and upload your pdf file according to these instructions External link..

Questions and answers about registration in DiVA

  1. Log in to DiVA External link.
  2. Choose "Add publication / Upload files"
  3. Click on "My drafts" and select your draft.
  4. Complete or change your data according to the instructions

If for example, you wish to start page numbering on page 3 or have different page numbering in an attachment, you need to enter paragraph breaks in Word.

Read more about customising page numbering in Word – guide from KI External link.

Use PDFsam Basic to combine two or more pdf files into a single pdf. PDFsam Basic is available via the University's Remote Desktop (folder Kontorsprogram).

Log in to the Remote Desktop
How to combine files into a single pdf file External link.

The thesis is reviewed by the course administrator of your subject before it is published in DiVA. It may take a few weeks before it's published, so you won't be able to see your thesis in DiVA immediately after you have registered it.

Request that the course administrator for your subject correct the error in DiVA. If the error is contained in the pdf document, send a corrected file to the course administrator.

Contact the University’s course and programme administrators

Once your paper is published, you will be able to find it in DiVA External link., External link. and search tools such as Google External link..

Your thesis is publishing in DiVA according to the so-called open access principle. This means that it is freely available to read and download.

The author always retains copyright for works published in DiVA. The author’s permission is therefore required if the work is to be republished elsewhere.


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