Report an Injury or Incident

Here you can read about how to report an injury, incident or harassment. You can also read about how to make suggestions for improvements to your study environment.

Oops Ouch Hello Not ok

Ouch, Oops, Hello, Not ok

Ouch, Oops, Hello, Not ok is our system for injury and incident reporting. Here you can also send in suggestions on how University of Gävle can become an even better place to study and work at for all students.

The University has zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation.


If you as a student have a workstudy related injury, the University must report that. The responsible manager must write a claim together with you and the student senior safety representative. A workstudy related injury is a personal physical or mental injury or illness that is a result of studying or the study conditions. It can also be a accident on the way to or from the University.

Student senior safety representative at Gefle Student Union
Telephone: +46 70964 00 44

This is where the responsible Head of Department reports an injury or incident (in Swedish) External link.


Oops refers to a incident (physical or mental) in which no one was injured which could have led to an injury. Events based on organisational and social factors, such as lack of respect between students or between students and staff, can also be seen as incidents. The responsible manager, in consultation with you and the Student senior safety representative must write the incident report.

Threats, violence and threats of violence against students

University of Gävle does not accept that any student is exposed to threats, violence or threats of violence in their work environment. Everyone who studies at the University of Gävle should be able to be here without being exposed to violence or threats of violence. If situations involving violence and threats of violence arise despite the preventive work, the victim must be able to receive support and help quickly. Threats, violence or threats of violence must be reported by the University as injury or incidents.


Do you have suggestions for improvements that can develop University of Gävle to be a better workplace? Get in touch! Send your suggestions for improvements to

Fault reporting for properties, premises and technical equipment

If you discover a problem relating to properties, premises or technical equipment belonging to the University, you can report this directly to

Not ok!

Victimisation, discriminatory harassment or sexual harassment is not tolerated at the University of Gävle.

Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation

Discrimination occurs at the University if a student or someone who has applied for a course or programme at University of Gävle, is treated disfavourably and when this disadvantage is related to sex, ethnicity, religion or other belief, sexual orientation, transggender identity or expression, age or disability. Inadequate accessibility, harassment, sexual harassment and instructions to discriminate are also forms of discrimination.

Harassment refers to such conduct that violates a person's dignity when it is related to one of the grounds of discrimination listed above.

Sexual harassment can be about touches, jokes, suggestions and invitations that have sexual allusions and that are unwelcome and derogatory.

Victimisation is unpleasant or negative actions directed at one or more students in an abusive manner and that can lead to ill health or to the victim being excluded from the community in the work or study group.

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