Request for reassessment of grading decision form

Here you can read about the procedures for reviewing a grade decision and submit an application for review of a grade decision.

When can a student apply for a review of a grade decision?

As a student, you have the possibility to apply for a reassessment of grading decision, if it is due to a writing error, calculation error or similar oversight.

The Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 6, Section 18, SFS 2006:1053) the examiner must (according to Section 23) correct the grade if it is due to "typing errors, calculation errors or similar oversights".

Reassessment of grades: Grades cannot be appealed, that is, reviewed by a higher authority, but a student can always make remarks against the assessment or request that the examiner reconsider his decision. 12 ch. Section 4 and Section 2 of the Higher Education Ordinance: If an examiner finds that a decision on a grade is clearly incorrect due to new circumstances or for some other reason, the examiner must change the decision, if it can be done quickly and easily and if it does not mean that the grade is lowered. 6 ch. Section 24 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

The following examples of justifications are not sufficient to change the grading decision:

  • Can you look at my exam again?
  • I have looked at another student's exam and think I should get the same number of points as he/she because we have answered roughly the same.
  • I think I should get one more point on question X.
  • I'm close to the border of G or VG, can you see if you can find some more points on question XX?

Apply for a Reassessment of Grading Decision

To request amendment, use the form on this page. Your request must clearly state:

  • What, which question(s) you want to be reconsidered.
  • What reasons do you have for the grading decision to be changed.
  • Justification for why re-examination should take place.
  • The justification is stated in the space provided in the form with a maximum of 4,000 characters (approximately: 1 A4 page).

Reason for reassessment * (mandatory)
Reason for reassessment


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