Student Influence

As a student, you can be active and influence your study environment and your education by becoming a member in Gefle Student Union, respond to course evaluation and/or become a student representative. Take the chance and become involved during your studies!

Student influence is important!

As a student at the University of Gävle, you can exert great influence on your own education. It is self-evident for us and an indisputable right for all students. A strong student influence is not only important to the individual student, it is essential to the University of Gävle and for the development and quality of the education we provide.

What can I do?

  • Always fill in your course evaluation at the end of the course. Here, you have the opportunity to comment on aspects that have worked well and on aspects that can be improved.
  • Become a member of the Gefle Student Union External link. and contribute, through this membership, to an active student coverage of educational and social issues. You can also become an active member in the Student Union.
  • Become a student representative in one of the University’s bodies or councils. Becoming a student representative is not only considered a valuable merit and gives you experience, it also contributes to extending your network of contacts. Moreover, it gives you influence on and involvement in your own study situation.

What does the University do?

Educational issues are managed at all levels within the University, and there are student representatives in all different bodies and councils where educational issues are dealt with. Apart from general councils, there are specific councils associated with the study programmes of the University. In these, issues connected to your specific programme are dealt with.

What does the Student Union do?

Gefle Student Union is run by students for students and has a chair and a deputy chair who are working full-time with student influence. Based on applications and nominations, Gefle Student Union also decides which students who should become representatives in the University bodies and councils.

What does the Law say about Student Influence?

As a student, you have the right to exert influence on your education. Each higher learning institution must promote active student involvement in the development of all education. (See the Higher Education Act, 1 chapter 4a §). Students have the right to be represented when important decisions are to be made that concern educational issues or students’ situation. (See the Higher Education Act, 2 chapter 7 §).

The Student Union Ordinance (2209:769) contains regulation concerning who has the right to appoint representatives for the students. At the University of Gävle, the Gefle Student Union has been awarded student union status by the University Board. Thus, it is Gefle Student Union that appoints student representatives.


Nikolai Kronmann, chair, profilbild

Nikolai Kronmann, chair

Gefle Student Union

Responsible for Student Involvement

Gefle Student Union

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