Boards and Councils of University of Gävle

The Academic Appointments Board

The Academic Appointments Board is appointed by the Faculty Board and handles cases concerning employment on behalf of the Faculty Board.

The Student Disciplinary Board

The University of Gävle is governed by the Higher Education Ordinance. According to chapter 10 of this ordinance, cases concerning disciplinary measures against students must be processed by a disciplinary board. There must be such a board at each higher education institution. The disciplinary board has the right to take so called disciplinary measures against students who for instance cheat at examinations, disrupt classes, teaching or examinations, or harass lecturers or other students.

The University Faculty Board

The University Faculty Board is responsible for assuring and developing quality in our programmes, regardless if the education is offered as regular education, distance education or contract education.

The University Faculty Board makes decisions about course and programme syllabuses.

A closer description of the boards' assignments in their respective areas of responsibility is available in Organisation, Responsibilities and Decision-making Procedures, Diary No: 2011/1738.

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