Climate Framework

The University of Gävle is affiliated to the Climate Framework for Swedish Higher Education Institutions.

The University's contribution to climate change

In autumn 2019, the University of Gävle joined the Climate Framework along with 37 other universities and colleges. The Higher Education institutions that have signed up commit to developing a concrete action plan to help meet the 1.5-degree target under the Paris Agreement. Work is underway to develop goals and strategies for implementing the Climate Framework in the University's operations.

Climate Framework for Swedish Higher Education Institutions External link.

The Climate Framework was created on the initiative of universities and higher education institutions that have the ambition to make a clear contribution to climate change in line with society's national and international commitments. As a higher education institution, we have an important task to contribute to this common goal by reducing the climate impact of our own activities. We see the climate as a crucial and priority issue for the future.


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