Dina kontaktuppgifter - e-post och telefonnummer

When the University contacts you as a student, we use the contact details found in the study documentation system Ladok.

Change e-mail and phone number in Ladok

The contact information you provided when you applied to the University of Gävle via antagning.se is the contact information that is first entered in Ladok. In Ladok, you can change your e-mail and phone number under "My information". The new e-mail address is then transferred to other web services, such as Canvas.

It is important that you have an updated e-mail address in Ladok, partly to avoid missing important information from the University and partly because the University issues digital diplomas that are sent to you by e-mail.

Are you missing e-mails from the University?

If you are missing emails from the University that you know you should have received, do the following:

  1. Check your junk mail in case the email may have ended up there.
  2. Then check that you have entered the correct e-mail address in Ladok.
  3. Add a case in our service portal External link.

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