Introduction day 30 August

On 30 August, you are warmly welcome to an introduction day at the University of Gävle! It will be a day filled with extra services and different activities around the campus. Many programmes have their programme introduction on this day. We really look forward to meeting you!

Stina Lilja under introduktionsdag i Valhall

Programme for introduction day




Musical entertainment in Valhall, building 41


Welcome ceremony in Valhall, building 41


Swedish Orientation Session, room 33:203


Programme introduction and roll call for many programmes

Download the programme for the day as PDF

Welcome ceremony

Welcome to the University's special ceremony for new students! An informative and fun day where we inaugurate the academic year together. You will be welcomed by our students, the University's Vice Chancellor and Gefle Student Union. Everyone who participates will receive a welcome bag.

Time: 09.00–09.45. Musical entertainment from 08.30 am
Location: Auditorium Valhall, house 41

If you are unable to attend on campus, you can follow the welcome ceremony digitally on Facebook. You do not need an account to follow the broadcast.

Follow the Welcome Ceremony online here External link.

Programme introduction and roll call

Many of our programmes have a programme introduction and a roll call in connection with the introduction day. During the call, you will receive general practical information about studying at the University of Gävle and specific information about your programme.

Only those who are admitted may attend the programme introduction. If you are a reserve, you should instead be available by e-mail and telephone in connection with the start of the programme and course.

S.O.S - Swedish Orientation Session

This 90-minute session is full of information and handy tips aimed at helping you survive and adjust to living and studying in Sweden. You’ll get a crash course in the Swedish language and practice some useful everyday phrases for making friends, shopping and travelling.
We will also explore some social and cultural aspects of “Swedishness” and give you some practical advice about local customs, habits and traditions.
And, of course, there will be fika.

Student Centre - where you can get help and support

The Student Centre is the natural meeting place on campus. On the introduction day we have extended support for you as a new student. Get help with user account, registration, Canvas and more. During the day you can also pick up your HiG card and parking permit here. Open at 08.00-14.00.

Tour of the University's library

Get to know the library. Come on a short tour where we show you the library and tell you how we can help you during your studies. The tours starts at 12.00 and 12.30 and lasts about 15 minutes. Gather indoors at the library entrance. The tours are held in both Swedish and English.

Welcome fair

During the introduction day, there is a welcome fair with lots of exhibitors who are here to present their activities to you. Trade unions, gyms, cultural and music organisers and more. The fair runs from 11.00-14.00.

  • University support services
    There are several different types of support available to you as a student. At the fair, you will meet the Student Health Service, the International Office, the coordinator for educational support, the student representative, the coordinator for equal conditions and study counsellors.
  • Gefle Student Union and the student associations
    Get to know the student life of the University. The Student Union and all the student organisations are at the fair. Take the opportunity to become a member and take part in the community!


Studentsupport, profilbild


Division of Educational Support

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