If you get ill

Here you will find information on who to contact if you get ill, emergency and non-emergency contact details and information about health insurance.

Emergencies and Medical Advice

For emergency assistance - call 112

For information and advise - call 1177

These numbers are both free of charge. You can also visit 1177.se External link. for more information and medical advice. Their website can be translated to a range of different languages.

Healthcare Centres

If you need to visit a doctor you should book an appointment at a healthcare centre (vårdcentral). You can choose which healthcare centre you would like to be registered with. The University has a collaboration with Eira Health Centre External link. where you are welcome to seek help.


EU/EES citizens should bring their Health Insurance Card. All other international students must arrange their own health insurance before coming to Sweden. It is also recommended for international students to arrange for liability insurance before coming to Sweden.

All universities in Sweden have personal accident insurance that covers students during school hours through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

This page was last updated 2024-04-16