Student Health Service

A healthy lifestyle and well-being are important factors for successful study results. If you feel unbalanced and it affects your health and your study skills, then you can turn to the Student Health Service for help and support. We work proactively with lifestyle issues and offer both counselling and support.

Contact the Student Health Service

The Student Health Service office is a complement to the Health Care Centres (in Swedish: hälsocentraler), that serve all citizens in the municipality. All visits are free of charge and the Student Health Service staff are committed to professional secrecy. The Student Health Service is located in building 22.


Do you feel that your daily balance or your study ability is disrupted by physical or mental stress? If you are having difficulties concentrating, have low self-esteem or other problems that make it difficult for you to cope with your studies then you are welcome to contact the counsellor.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Treatment

If you are in need of medical attention or pharmaceutical treatments you should turn to a Healthcare Center (hälsocentral).

If you are unsure of where to turn to when you need medical attention you can talk to someone at the healthcare guide 1177. Healthcare guide 1177 External link. is the national hub for information and services within healthcare in Sweden. They offer healthcare advice, information, inspiration, and e-services. Accessible 24 hours a day, they are available on the web and by phone - dial 1177.

If you are in need of medical emergency - dial 112.

Study Advice

Do not forget to take care of yourself and your health during your student years. The Student Health Service gives you some study advice so that your student days will be an enjoyable time of your life.


Marie-Louise Holmberg, counsellor, profilbild

Marie-Louise Holmberg, counsellor

Student Health Service

Lena Smids Magnusson, counsellor, profilbild

Lena Smids Magnusson, counsellor

Student Health Service

Daniel Andersson, student coach, profilbild

Daniel Andersson, student coach

Student Health Service

Lisa Olsson, health counsellor, profilbild

Lisa Olsson, health counsellor

Student Health Service

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