Study Support

When you have been granted study support by Nais, there are different ways to get support. Here we describe some of the most common things that students with disabilities can access, and how to apply for study support.

Adapted Examination

Special arrangements may be required in exam situations, such as extended time or the possibility to use a computer.

Audio Books

If you have difficulties reading printed text due to a reading disability, you can access the course literature via audio books.

Contact for more information.

Note-taking Assistance

If you are unable to take notes during lectures note-taking assistance may be arranged.

Reading and Spelling Programmes

Reading and spelling programmes are available to download. For more information contact the coordinator

Resource Room

In the library you find one resource room that students with disabilities can get access to. Here you can work in silence and use computers equipped with reading and spelling programmes.

Other Study Support

If you are in need of other study support, do not hesitate to ask. You are always welcome to contact the Coordinators. It may take time to arrange the solution that suits your needs, therefore contact us well in advance.

Apply for study support

If you have a disability you are welcome to apply for study support. The term disability here refers to a permanent or long-term disability.

How to apply – step by step

  1. Apply via the national system Nais External link.. Attach a doctor's certificate stating your disability. You can upload a photo of the certificate with your phone. Note: The doctor's certificate must be in English or Swedish.
  2. The coordinator for disability study support will contact you to discuss appropriate support measures.
  3. The coordinator makes a decision where the support measures are outlined.
  4. The support measures are available to you via Nais External link..
  5. You need to show the support measures to your teachers and examiners at the beginning of each course, when you discuss your support with them.

Never send sensitive personal data about yourself such as medical certificates with health information, names and personal identification numbers to the university by email.

If you encounter problems with your application, use Chrome as your browser and check the size of the files you attach.

It may take time to arrange the solution that suits your needs, therefore contact us well in advance.

Coordinators for study support

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson, profilbild

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson

Avdelningen för utbildningsstöd

Emil Sandfeldt, profilbild

Emil Sandfeldt

Avdelningen för utbildningsstöd

Telefontid måndag–torsdag 09.00–10.00.

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