Certain decisions taken by University of Gävle can be appealed. The Higher Education Appeals Board is the public authority responsible for hearing appeals against certain decisions made in the higher education sector.

Which decisions can be appealed?

Decisions that can be appealed always contain an appeal reference. It will tell you how, within what time and where to address your appeal. Chapter 12 of the Higher Education Ordinance states which decisions that can be appealed. The Higher Education Appeals Board has compiled a list of decisions that can be appealed. The information is in Swedish.

How to appeal

Appeals against a decision to The Higher Education Appeals Board in writing. Your appeal should include the following information:

  • State what decision you are appealing against. It is a good idea to include the decision.
  • State what changes you would like to see made
  • State the reason why the decision should be changed
  • Your address and contact details

Where do I send my appeal?

Your appeal should be submitted to the registrar at University of Gävle. Send an e-mail to or send your appeal to the address below:

Överklagandenämnden för högskolan
Högskolan i Gävle
801 76 Gävle

Appealing Admission Decisions

When appealing against a decision regarding application and entry requirements, please use the appropriate form on or

Appeal within the stated time limit

Appeals must reach University of Gävle no later than three weeks after you have received your notification of the decision. If the appeal arrives too late, it may be dismissed. All appeals will be handed over to The Higher Education Appeals Board.

This page was last updated 2024-06-13