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Studying in Gävle is a great opportunity to explore Sweden, Swedish culture and meet new friends! To study as an exchange student at the University of Gävle you have to be selected and nominated by our partner university in your home country. Learn more about it below!

Information for you as an exchange student

Important information for you as an exchange student. You can read about what happens before, during and after the exchange and much more!

How is it to study at University of Gävle?

Conor from Ireland and Susanna from Spain tell us a little about what they think about studying at the University of Gävle and how they like Gävle.

Our Partner Universities

University of Gävle has exchange agreements with countries all around the world! Our exchange porgrammes include Erasmus+. Please check with your university if you can apply for exchange studies at University of Gävle.

Nomination and online application

When you have been selected by your university for the exchange, your university will nominate you to us at University of Gävle. When we have received your nomination as an exchange student from our partner university/your home university, we will send you an email with information for the online application process and the links needed to apply.

Fact Sheet 2024/2025

Useful dates and general information about nominations and the application process. Pdf, 169.4 kB.

Planning your semester

It is essential that you understand how you should map your courses and plan your semester before you submit your exchange application.

When applying for courses, please note the weeks the course is given and the study pace, to avoid schedule clashes. This can make choosing your courses complicated, as you must not only find courses that are interesting and where you meet the entry requirements, but you must also make sure that you are able to combine the courses so that they do not clash.

At many universities around the world you will study a number of courses in parallel for the entire semester, whereas at University of Gävle it is normal that you take courses sequentially – that is, one after the other, not in parallel. Full time courses are usually taken one after the other (consecutive scheduling) or, if the courses are part time, two courses may be taken during the same time period (parallel scheduling).

Course entry requirements

You must meet the entry requirements for each course you select. Please refer to the individual course syllabus. Where a specific number of credits is required within a specific subject, you must refer to specific courses in your transcript of records. The more specific the entry requirements, the more specific your answer must be. For example: if a course requires “object-oriented programming” it is not enough to have taken any programming course, it must be in object-oriented programming.

Course Catalogue

  • Autumn semester 2024 Pdf, 194.6 kB.
  • Spring semester 2025 Pdf, 208.6 kB.
  • The university offer a Swedish course, Swedish as a foreign language, level 1, beginners, 7,5 ECTS, which does not require previous knowledge in Swedish. The places on the course are limited to 30 students each semester. To apply for the course the student must have the course included in the OLA.

Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

Before you arrive as an exchange student at the University of Gävle, you and the academy where you will study at the University must complete a "Learning Agreement". The agreement states which courses you will study and receive credit upon return. The University of Gävle uses the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). For more information about the Learning Agreement, contact the international office at your home university. We encourage you to start using the OLA and Erasmus+ app.

Read more about Online Learning Agreement External link.

Study period

The period a course is offered is defined by actual dates. There are four periods during a an academic year. Autumn semester includes study period 1 and 2 while Spring semester includes study period 3 and 4.

Credits and study hours

The duration and extent of programmes and courses is expressed in a system of credits equivalent to ECTS credits - that is, you take 30 credits per semester for full time studies. A full academic year corresponds to 60 credits, thus, one semester corresponds to 30 credits. Furthermore, one semester corresponds to 20 weeks and one week corresponds to 40 hours of study. Each week of full-time study is worth 1.5 credits.

Study load

  • 100 % study load equals full-time studies, i.e. 7,5 credits over 5 weeks
  • 50 % study load equals half-time studies, i.e. 7,5 credits over 10 weeks
  • 25 % study load equals part-time studies, i.e. 7,5 credits over 20 weeks

Grading system

  • A Excellent, B Very Good, C Good, D Satisfactory, E Sufficient, F Fail, FX Fail (some more work required to pass)
  • G Pass / Pass Course only, U Fail
  • G Pass, VG Pass with Distinction, U Fail

Student accommodation

You have to apply for accommodation yourself at one of the housing companies. Please remember to do it well in advance before your arrival.

How to Apply for Student Accommodation

Infomation about applying for accommodation at Gavlegårdarna will be sent out to all accepted exchange students by the International Office.

Arrival/Departure certificate

As a Erasmus+ student you need to have a Arrival/Departure certificate signed and stamped by the International Office in order to get your Erasmus grand. This certificate is something you provide to us at the International Office.

According to the Erasmus+ the certificate can only be signed once you arrive and not before. Once the semester starts you can email your certificate to

After you finish your studies your departure certificate will be signed, not before.

Important Information during your stay at University of Gävle

Autumn semester of 2024

Official semester dates: 2 September 2024– 19 January 2025

  • Deadline for nomination from partner university, 1 April 2024
  • Deadline to submit application, 15 April 2024
  • Notification of Selection Results, 18 May 2024
  • Introduction day at University of Gävle, 30 August 2024

Spring semester of 2025

Official semester dates: 20 January– 8 June 2025

  • Deadline for nomination from partner university, 1 October 2024
  • Deadline to submit application, 15 October 2024
  • Notification of Selection Results, 10 November 2024
  • Introduction day, 20 January 2025

The insurance is taken out by the University of Gävle and applies to you as an exchange student studying or doing a traineeship at the University. This insurance provides coverage for you during the times you are not on campus. This insurance together with the Personal Injury Insurance provide 24-hour coverage in Sweden only and they are both free of charge.

This insurance provides coverage for the following:

  • disability and death benefits
  • medical and dental care
  • home transport
  • personal property coverage
  • third party liability
  • legal expenses

Health Insurance for Nordic, EU/EEA Citizens and Switzerland
If you are a citizen of any of the Nordic, EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, you have access to essential health care if you register beforehand at a social insurance office in your home country and obtain a European Health Insurance card.

Insurance Conditions for non EU/EEA Citizens, Exchange Students
Students admitted within an exchange agreement at the University of Gävle are covered by a collective health insurance, Student IN, financed by the university. The terms for the insurance are available on the website of Kammarkollegiet (The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency),

Health Insurance for non-EU/EEA Citizens: Stays of One Year or More
As a visiting student, if you have a residence permit valid for one year or more, you are entitled to the same health benefits as Swedes. However, you are obligated to national registration at our local tax office in Gävle as soon as you arrive. Here you will be given a temporary Swedish civic registration number. Detailed information is available on Tax office´s website, It is however advisable to arrange for liability insurance from the home country.

Health Insurance for non-EU/EEA Citizens: Stays of Less Than One Year
If you have a residence permit valid for a period of less than a year, you are not able to register at a the local Tax office, and you do not have automatic access to health care. Students accepted to programmes lasting for less than one year are required to have a valid health insurance from their home country. It is also advisable to arrange for liability insurance from the home country.

We offer study support for all students with disabilities. As a student with a long-term disability, you can apply for targeted study support to be able to study on equal terms.

When a student with disabilities applies to participate in an exchange programme it is necessary to establish early contacts between the sending university and us, so that we can fully understand the services the student requires.

We wish for information about the students special needs/disability to be send to us by the sending institution when nominating the student. It is of high importance that details of your disability are explained to us, to ensure that the necessary support can be arranged.

Read more about Study support for students with disabilities

International Committee, IntU Gefle

The focus for the International Committee, IntU Gefle is international students at University of Gävle.

This newly formed committee is a part of the Student Union, Gefle Studentkår External link.. The committee’s main purpose is to create opportunities for international students to meet each other, explore the city and of course take part of the Swedish student life.

IntU Gefle organizes welcome weeks at the beginning of each semester when you will be divided into smaller groups. The welcome weeks are filled with a wide diversity of fun events for you to enjoy together with your group as well as with other international students. The welcome weeks take place during the first couple of weeks of the semester. IntU Gefle will keep organizing events every now and then during the semester. You will receive more information in an email one week before the semester starts.

If you have any questions, you are the most welcome to contact IntU Gefle via Instagram messages @intugefle

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