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There is a lot to think about as a prospective student. For some, it means a whole new life in a whole new country. An important issue for most people is housing and you need to apply for accomodation yourself. It is a good idea to start looking for accommodation as early as possible, and it is a good idea to join a housing queue. The University of Gävle does not provide any student accommodation.

Student Accommodation in Gävle

Here you will find information on how to apply for student accommodation and what to do if you need to use Gävle municipality's housing guarantee for students.

You need a home insurance

The housing companies require you to have home insurance when renting from them. Without home insurance, an accident that occur will cost you a great amount of money. For example, a water leak or fire could start in a neighbour’s apartment and spread to you resulting in major damage and great costs. It is also good to know that most housing companies have 1–3 months notice period, why it is important that you look up what applies before signing the contract.

The Student Accommodation Portal "Studentbostad Gävle"

The student accommodation portal "Studentbostad Gävle" is a marketing site for private individuals and housing companies. In the portal you will find accommodation that private individuals or other organisations are renting out. The student accommodation portal does not use a queue; it is first come, first served. In the portal you will also find important information and tips that make it easier for you to find student accommodation.

Student Accommodation via Gavlegårdarna

Gavlegårdarna is the municipal housing company and as a student you have several choices when it comes to accommodation. Most homes are within walking or cycling distance of the city centre and the university. There is a developed bus network with buses running regularly between the different neighbourhoods. To apply for a student apartment at Gavlegårdarna you must have a Swedish civic registration number.

Student Accommodation via Gävle Studentbostäder

Gävle Studentbostäder offers newly built student apartments 200 metres from the University. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens with a full-size freezer and their own fully tiled bathroom.

No Swedish civic registration number or Resident Permit is required when applying for the accommodation.

Student Accommodation via K2A Studenthus

K2A Studenthus offers newly built student apartments. The apartments are located on campus. They are not furnished but have fully equipped kitchens and their own washing machine with dryer.

No Swedish civic registration number or Resident Permit is required when applying for the accommodation.

The Municipality of Gävle can help you

If you have trouble finding student accommodation on your own, the Municipality of Gävle guarantees students at University of Gävle student accommodation provided that you meet certain requirements. The guarantee is for students that move to Gävle to study at least 15 credits per semester.

It is important that you actively look for accommodation on your own, as the housing guarantee for students is only activated when the student apartments in the regular housing stock are exhausted. You can then invoke the guarantee by filling in a form on Gävle Municipality's website.

The guarantee means that you will receive an offer of accommodation no later than 14 days after the start of the semester. The guarantee does not necessarily mean that Gävle municipality arranges an apartment or a student room, they may also have to arrange other types of accommodation. If you decline the offer, you will no longer be covered by the guarantee.

To learn more about the requirements please contact the Municipality of Gävle at email or visit their website External link..


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