The student city Gävle

Are you considering studying in Gävle? Several of our students who have already made that choice tell us that the proximity to Gävle was an argument or a positive discovery. The University Campus is within walking distance from the city centre and the train station.

Gävle - your new home town?

Gävle has approximately 100,000 inhabitants and can offer a wide selection of activities. You will find sport and societies, good shopping and nightlife — in short, most things you may need in your place of residence.

Gävle has a lot to offer

In Gävle city centre, you will find a wide selection of shops and eateries. If you want more shopping opportunities you will find Valbo just west of the city, one of Norrland's largest shopping centres. The city is known for its varied nightlife with clubs, pubs and various entertainment events. Lots of films are screened at the cinema Filmstadens Bio 7:an and students with student union ID receive a discount. A well-known meeting place is the city library which is open 365 days a year.  

If you are into in culture and performances you will find Sweden’s northernmost professional symphony orchestra in the city. Moreover, at Gasklockorna, a local industrial heritage site with gasometers, there is a thriving musical and cultural stage, hosting food and drink fairs, musicals, as well as the Getaway Rock Festival which yearly attracts thousands of visitors.

There are of course plenty more to offer, such as discovering local art spread around the city, the railroad and prison museum, and the possibility to fish in the Gävle River in the middle of the city. In short, you will find all things you may need in your new place of residence

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Accommodation and student life

The University of Gävle has an accommodation guarantee for those choosing to study in Gävle. You can choose between traditional student dorms and apartments in different areas. Gefle Student Union still administrates the housing service and on its website, you can read more about different areas and the conditions that apply. 

Famous Gävle characters

The Gävle Goat which is inaugurated each year on Advent Sunday is world-famous and a good symbol of our great run up to Christmas. Other things Gävle is famous for include the ice hockey team Brynäs, the sweets Ahlgrens bilar and Gevalia coffee.  

Sports and leisure

Gävle is a proper sport municipality with teams in the premier league in ice hockey and the Swedish professional football league, Allsvenskan. Furthermore, there are more than 500 non-profit associations in the municipality, so chances are good for you to exercise or find your sport here. The range of leisure activities is also large: fishing in the middle of the city, the Boulogner Forest with lovely walks between the University and the city centre and many miles of bicycle paths that surround Gävle. Gävle concert hall also offers a large music library. 

See you at the University of Gävle!

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