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Brand Management C 7.5 cr

This course is delivered by focusing on a number of issues such as: • the concept of brand management including themes such as brand assets (awareness and ...

Externredovisning C 7.5 cr

No information.

Ledarskap och Organisation C 7.5 cr

Kursen har en beteendevetenskaplig tonvikt och behandlar den samtida ledningsfunktionens roll och innehåll. Aktuella frågor av avgörande betydelse för ledar...

Dataanalys och statistik för ekonomer 15 cr

No information.

Project Management C 7.5 cr

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: - have a detailed understanding of project management concepts from a contextual, global...

Services Marketing C 7.5 cr

The course will offer a detailed understanding of what service is, how it differs from goods and what role it plays in today's consumption and sales. A major...

Strategic Marketing C 7.5 cr

Through exposure to competitive marketing strategy, the principles of competitive intelligence, the intricacies of managing customers and the development of ...

Ekonomi - och verksamhetsstyrning C 7.5 cr

Beskrivning saknas.

Externredovisning B 7.5 cr

No information.

Ekonomprogrammet 180 cr

No information.

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