The Library has access to e-books from various suppliers. With your user account at the University you have access to the Library's e-books, you do not need a library card.

E-bok i läsare

Where do I find the e-books?

You can search for our e-books in several ways. If you want to find all our e-books, search the e-book list. You can also search in our search portal Discovery or directly through the e-book platforms. In the Library catalogue you will find links to course books that are e-books.

The Library catalogue contains course books available as e-books. To search for e-books, choose item type: E-book, under the heading "Refine your search".

To read the e-books, log in with your user account at the University of Gävle, you do not need a library card.

Find the full text of the e-book by following these steps:

  1. Click on the book title to get more information about the book.
  2. Then click on the link "Online resources: Available to students and staff at the University of Gävle (or it may also say Freely available from ... .).
  3. You will now be directed to where the e-book is located and follow the instructions there to access it.

You can also search for e-books directly with the publisher. These are the platforms where the books are published. If you want to download the book, simply follow the instructions on each platform. In many cases, you also need to set up a free account with the provider in order to download.

How do I read the e-books?

You can either read e-books online or download them to your computer, tablet or mobile phone and read them offline. In most cases, you must first create a free account with the provider. To download the book, simply follow the instructions on the platform you are downloading from. How long you can "borrow" the book varies and depends on the provider's rules. The book will disappear from your device when the time is up.

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