Printing and copying - eduprint

All printing, copying and scanning are done on Multifunction Printers. You print to a print queue and then you can pick up your prints on any printer

Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers have features for printing documents, copy and scan. You can only scan to your e-mail registered in Ladok.

There are printers on floors 1 and 2 in buildings 11, 31, 45 and 51, floor 1 in building 99 and floors 2 and 3 in the library. There are also printers outside the computer rooms.

Print portal

  • View and manage prints
  • View your balance
  • Top up statements via bank card
  • Redeem vouchers
  • Find help and guides

How to print

The University of Gävle uses a printing technology so you go to any printer and receive your print. The print queue is called "eduPrint-HIG" and should be pre-selected when you select "Print" on HiG or Remote Desktop.

You can print multiple documents before you go to the printer. There you log in by "blinking" your card (or logging in manually). The first time you do this, you register your HiG card or any blip cards (eg bus cards such as X traffic, SL, UL etc).

At the machine, you can choose if you want to print all the documents or just some of them. The print queue is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Black and white double-sided A4 is preferred. If you want color, A3, single-sided printing, etc., change yourself in the printer properties before pressing "Print."

Multifunction Printers are for instance available on the first and second floor in building 11, 31, 45 and 51. The first floor in building 99 and the second and third floor in the library. There are also printers in the floors that have computer rooms.

You can also print via the Remote Desktop.

Purchase prints

You must pay in advance. You log in to the print portal External link. where you load your account with the selected amount by paying with your credit card. Select "Add Credits" in the menu to the left and follow the guide.

You can also buy prints in the reception or the library.

NOTE! You will not be able to return unused funds, so do not buy more prints than you make during your study time.

Print from your own device (mobility service)

Mobility Print is the University of Gävle's service for printing from your own laptop, tablet or smartphone when you are in school. You must be connected to the Eduroam wireless network. Log in to the print portal and follow the instructions under the heading "Mobility Print" in the menu on the left (only A4 double sided, black and white or colour). NOTE! You must be connected to the Eduroam wireless network.

You can also print via External link.

Send a document to the printer via e-mail

You can send documents to the printer as e-mail attachments to the address for A4 black and white prints and for A4 color printing.

You can send e-mails even when you sit on other networks than eduroam. Use the e-mail adress that you have in Ladok.


Log in to the Print Portal External link. with your user information at the University. There you will find help texts in the menu on the left.

Price list

‌Price list per page in SEK (print/copying includes VAT plus paper cost).

Type of print


Black and white A4, two-sided


Black and white A4, one-sided


Black and white A3, two-sided


Black and white A3, one-sided


Colour A4, two-sided


Colour A4, one-sided


Colour A3, two-sided


Colour A3, one-sided




IT support Phone Hours

Monday–Friday: 8.00–15.00

Troubleshooting and self-help: Serviceportal Länk till annan webbplats.
Visiting Hours: Monday‑friday 9.00‑15.00.

Copy Centre (prints and copies)

The Copy Centre is the University’s own printing office and is located in building 32. Here you receive help with printing, copying and book binding. They can also help you to scan images and text.
Copy Centre

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