Web meetings with Zoom

Zoom is a service for web meetings that supports most devices. It enables you to communicate with good sound and video even over slow connections.

To attend a Zoom meeting

You need a headset with microphone and a web camera, and can participate from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  1. Download Zoom to computer or your smartphone External link.
  2. Log in to the programme/app with your university user account.
  3. To join the meeting, click the Zoom link that you recieve from your meeting organizer. The link is often found in your Canvas course or in your meeting invitation.
  4. If you need more help, watch this film on how to join Zoom meetings. External link.

Invite others to your own meeting in Zoom

You can set up your own online meetings in Zoom for your group work, for example. Students have unlimited meeting time in Zoom.

  1. Start by opening the Zoom programme on your computer (or the app on your phone). Then choose Sign in with SSO.
  2. Zoom will ask for your domain name, then you type in hig-se .
  3. Next, click Schedule. Set the time for your meeting or tick the box Recurring meeting to create a link that you can use repeatedly. It is important that you check the settings for your meeting, for instance if you prefer to activate a password or a so-called waiting room.
  4. To invite others to your meeting, you need to share the meeting link. Go to Meetings, click on your meeting and then click on ”Show meeting invitation.” You will find your scheduled link under ”Join Zoom meeting.”

Does Zoom work on my computer and mobile phone?

Zoom works on both Mac and PC. If you want to use Zoom on your mobile phone, there are apps for both Android and iOS.

Support for Zoom

On Zoom's website you will find information videos, online manuals and information about Zoom web meeting service. Zoom also has a chat, in the lower right corner of the help page, there is a blue Help button that opens the chat.


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