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HiG Play is a media service that can be used to record, store, and play images and sound. The service is used for film that is shown on our learning platform Canvas or on the University’s webpages. HiG Play has its own recording tool, Kaltura Capture.

What is HiG Play?

HiG Play is a media service where you can upload and store films, make basic edits to films and add subtitles.

You can access HiG Play via Canvas

HiG Play finns också integrerat i Canvas. Inspelningar och filer kan hanteras via My Media i vänstermenyn i kursen. Om du inte ser rubriken My Media i menyn så beror det på att läraren valt att ta bort det från kursens meny.

HiG Play is integrated in the learning platform Canvas. Recordings and files can be managed via My Media in the left-hand-side menu in each course. If you cannot see My Media, the teacher in that course has chosen to hide it from the course menu.

How can I use this tool?

You can upload recordings and other files via My Media in Canvas. You can also attach films that you have uploaded there, in for example an assignment. To publish the film in the place your teacher wants you to, use the text editor in your assignment or in your post in the discussion forum.

Here are a number of instructional videos that describe, among other things, how to make a recording in Zoom, how to upload a recording under My Media in Canvas, and how to add a film to an assignment. (NOTE: These videos are in Swedish.)

Instruction videos about HiG Play

You will find instruction videos about HiG Play here. (Note, however, that not all the films there are aimed at students!)


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