Taking an Exam Off-campus

If you are studying a distance education program without mandatory meetings, you have the opportunity to apply to take the exam at another university or learning center.

How to apply

  1. Contact the university/study centre/embassy where you wish to take your exam to confirm that they can accommodate you. An off-campus exam must be on the same date and in the same time as it is given in Gävle.
  2. Apply for an exam off-campus via our web form below. The application must be submitted no later than three weeks (21 days) before the exam date.
  3. Your application will processed within 5 business days. If you have not received a decision by email (approved or denied application) within 5 business days, please contact studentsupport@hig.se so we can check that your application has reached us.

Rules and requirements for off-campus exams

Who can apply to take an exam off-campus?

  • Students who are doing their military service

There may also be other compelling reasons to take the exam off campus.

What rules apply for off-campus exams?

It is your responsibility to make the arrangements with the university, study centre, Swedish embassy or consulate where you wish to take the exam. You are also responsible for checking that the examination paper is available on the actual exam day.

The University of Gävle exam rules and regulations apply.

  • An invigilator must be present in the room throughout the entire examination.
  • The exam off-campus must be on the same date and in the same time as it is given in Gävle.
  • The student pays any costs incurred in connection with the exam off-campus.

I want to apply for an off-campus exam. Do I also have to register for the exam through Ladok?

No, only students who are taking their exam in Gävle have to register through Ladok.

This page was last updated 2024-04-17