If there are special reasons, a deferment of studies may be granted for students who have been admitted to a programme.

If you are admitted to a programme and want to delay the commencement of your studies, you can apply for deferral of studies. The period of deferment may amount to 18 months, unless there are specific reasons for a longer period of time.

You must have an acceptable reason for deferring your studies. These are:

  • Medical reasons
  • Social reasons
  • Other special circumstances such as:
    • Care of children.
    • Military service or civilian service.
    • Student union posts.
    • Postponed leave from your job under the Employee’s Right to Educational Leave Act (SFS 1974:981).

If you are a tuition fee paying student the tuition fee needs to be paid before you can apply for deferment. Please note that a residence permit rejection is not a valid reason.

The application for deferment of studies should be sent immediately, before start of the semester, to the University of Gävle. Enclose certificates that confirm your causes to deferments.

To claim your place if you been granted a deferment you must submit a new application in time on External link. and a copy of the deferment decision sent or uploaded with the application for the semester that the studies should be initiated.

This page was last updated 2024-04-12