Here you will find information on how to apply for courses and programmes via You can find the control notice and the admission notice on My Pages on and this is also where you respond to your admission decision. Sometimes you may need to supplement your application or want to change your application.

Apply for courses and programmes

You register for both programmes and courses via Therefore, remember to prioritise your search options in the right order. The first time you apply for a programme via, you need to create an account. The application web opens about one month before the deadline for registration.

Already have a user account at the University of Gävle?

If you already have a user account at the University of Gävle, you don't need to create an account at Instead, you log in via the Student Portal option and use your "regular" user account from the University of Gävle. Information about your enrolment will be sent to the email address found on My Pages (Mina sidor), so check that it is up to date.

Preliminary Assessment and Admission Decision on My Pages

On My pages on you can follow your application, check your qualifications, your personal data and your eligibility. There you can read your Preliminary Assessment and reply to the Admission Decision. Please note that you must respond to your Admission Decision in order to keep your place.

Changes in Your Application

If you have made an online application on, you can go in and make changes to your application up to the last day of registration. After the deadline, you may not change the order of your application. However, you can delete options.

If you add a programme to your application after the deadline, the Admissions Service will consider your application for that programme as a late application. However, this does not affect the other programmes you have applied for.

Supplements to Your Application

If you are not eligible for a programme you have applied for, you can supplement your application with qualifications, see important dates on External link. Documents and qualifications received after the last day of supplementation are considered late supplements. If there are vacant places after selection, late supplements can be included.

Responding to the Admission Decision

If you have been offered a place, you must respond to your Admission Decision by accepting it. If you do not do so in time, you will lose your place to another applicant. The deadline for responding to your Admission Decision is the end of July for autumn courses and mid-December for spring courses. The exact date is indicated in your Admission Decision, which you can find on My Pages on

Conditionally Admitted

If you do not meet the entry requirements when applying to a course, but have the possibility to be qualified before the course starts, then you might be conditionally admitted.

To be conditionally admitted means that you are accepted and can start the course, provided that you can prove that you meet the specified course entry requirements at the latest at the roll-call. The most common reason for a conditional admittance is that there is not yet a final grade set on a qualifying course.

In order to be registered, you must be able to show that you fulfil all entry requirements by the start of the course. If you are admitted with conditions, you cannot register on your own via Ladok. You therefore need to send your name, social security number and the name of the course to the University's course and programme administration so that they can check your eligibility.

Send an email to Course and programme administration


Admissions Office

Division of Educational Support

Dates and Deadlines

You apply for your programme via, where you will also find the exact dates for your application.

Key dates and deadlines External link.

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